Types of makeup

Jan 23, 2015

What type of make-up for business sessions?

The professional look consists of the proper attire, neat hair, and shipshape make-up. In business photography, none of these can be overlooked.
Business make-up is characterised by an ideally smooth and clear skin, the colour of which is compatible with the job. In the flash of the lights and with high-res photos, all skin impurities are highlighted and shiny, or skin that has not been made up properly will look tired or out of place. Professional make-up helps to level down the signs of fatigue and makes the face look sunny and fresh.

For the needs of a photoshoot, and depending on the client’s preferences, the preparation of an image can be divided into three methods:

1) basic correction – skin matting (time needed – 5 to 7 minutes), preferred in situations when time is limited, with the group exceeding twenty people per shooting day;
– the cover-up of skin imperfections, such as reddening, discolorations, dark circles under the eyes, the overall colour of skin improvement;
– powdering the face, which helps it look fresh in the flash;
– hairspray, for smoothing the hairstyle.
This type of correction will make the model look right in a short time. As far as women are concerned, because of time limitations, it is encouraged they come to the session already made up. This helps limit the number of adjustments.

2) A thorough correction for contact with flash lamps (time needed – 15 to 20 minutes). Preferred in smaller groups.
– face contouring (bronzer, blush), thanks to which the face appears three dimensional;
– delicate eye, lip, and eyebrow highlight;
– face powdering;
– light hairstyle composition, hairspray;
– a dress-style check and correction when necessary.
This process makes it possible to achieve a professional look, to ensure comfort and confidence. It is recommended that the person arrive already made up, thanks to which there is time for the aforementioned adjustments.

3) A full image (time needed – 40 to 50 minutes)
– preparing the skin for mak-eup;
– covering up imperfections of the skin, such as reddening, discolorations, dark circles under the eyes, the overall colour of skin improvement;
– contouring (bronzer, blush) the face, thanks to which it appears three dimensional;
– full eye, lip, eyebrow makup, and correcting disproportions;
– powdering the face;
– light hairstyle composition, hairspray,
– checking and correcting the dress style when necessary.
Because the above process is very thorough, ladies may arrive for their photo session without any previous preparation.

Antoni Loskot

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