Legal Marketing

Nov 7, 2023

A large part of our projects are productions supporting marketing and business development departments in legal companies. Business sessions for network law firms are an element of shaping the image of the services provided by a given law firm. When producing visual designs for network law firms, we implement the assumptions contained in global guidelines sent, for example, from London (Allen & Overy), New York (White & Case), Munich (Noerr) or Paris (Gide). Our task for global law firms is, to a large extent, the skillful execution of global assumptions, so that the photos produced in various branches around the world are as consistent as possible. In the other hand, during projects for boutique law firms, our role is completely different. Much greater freedom in implementing the project allows you to build an image according to your own ideas. Marketing departments, partners or associates can have greater trust in the ideas of a photographer or agency to build an image style in a specific way. Below is an example of a project for a boutique law firm, carried out on cubes scenography in “salt studio”, Warsaw, Poland.


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