Autumn 2021

Oct 17, 2021
fotografia biznesowa

During this year’s autumn, and it’s been only half of it so far, we’re looking ahead to 50 shooting days in total, among which as many as 17 projects are booked for October! We’ve done 7 sessions for different law firms already, with one visiting Gdańsk. Still, in October we’ll be making 2 employer branding projects, 6 portrait projects for consulting companies, and 2 film projects. Time for post-production is scarce, but with the help of experts from our team, we manage to deliver closures on time! In November we’ll be in Silesia 3 times, and spend 7 days on a project for one of the global medical corporations. We’re also getting ready for the fourth visit in Polkowice to the Volkswagen factory! In one word, a lot is going on! The next chance for a breather is possible after the 20th of November! Below are a few photos from our last productions for business.

fotografia biznesowa fotografia biznesowa fotografia biznesowa fotografia biznesowa

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