Ski-touring in Bieszczady Mountains

Mar 11, 2021

All work and no play! Competing in some of those trendy corporate programs to find the perfect “work-life balance”, I would win all the first prizes! (assuming I was working in a corporation, of course).

Besides regular jiu-jitsu practice, I go mountain trekking 3 times a year. Ski-touring has been a new thing for me, last year we toured for the first time at Beskid Żywiecki mountain range. This year was time for Bieszczady and an escapade planned for half a year hung on by a thread, due to the coronavirus plague raging in Poland and Europe. Finally, we made it! We toured a bit over 40km, with an elevation gain of 2km in total, and visited 2 mountain huts. We went through Wielka Rawka, Ustrzyki Górne, Połonina Ceryńska and Połonina Wetlińska. Strong wind accompanied us almost all the time, on the ridge it was a little over the top, literally tossing us around!

Beat down physically, we are back with our batteries fully charged, motivated for hard work!

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