Professional fetish

Jun 25, 2021


This box of tea was valid until 1995, so 26 years ago!
Why do I keep it all that time?

Somewhere around mid-high school, I decided to make some “dough” on my own. I concluded then, that I will be a door-to-door salesman. :0 The box from the photo is a time capsule in a way, a sort of memoir of the first job in my life.

For my premiere kickoff, I got my bus to Warsaw’s Mokotów borough. It was July. A mustached individual, with his hair gelled to the back, in a brief intro told me “how it should be done”. With a giant sack on my bag (exactly that thing which we call “Ruska bazaar bag”), still full of enthusiasm, I hit the town looking for my first customers.

I sold it pretty much anywhere, visiting state offices, bureaus, shops, schools… without a target list, without profiling the clients, without fixing any meetings.

Despite all that, knowing close to nothing about sales, having a poor product, dealing with it pretty much blindfolded, I managed to sell over half of my initial cargo. Mostly, now I see, thanks to the good manners I was taught at home, and to being quite communicative.

The finale of this tea-selling adventure was that the rest of the load I started with was bought by my parents. Just lately, the last kept box was given to me as a gift!
And here it is at my home – the souvenir of my first job from 26 years back!

Now that’s a professional fetish!


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