New PwC exec board shoot

Jan 30, 2023

We had to carry out the group session for PwC during 2 separate shooting days, as the entire management team was unable to be “at once” in the same time. That’s how we photographed 6 people one day, and 3 people on another day. In post production we combined everything together. All the production equipment such as lights, scenography, stands etc.. all that had to be set up identically 6 days apart, during these two separate sessions. This seems like a simple task if you shoot in a studio. In office interiors, however, where office life normally goes on between two projects, it is a much more complicated matter. Anyway, it worked out! And the output can be seen below.

Produced within Canon EOS R, Canon RF 50mm f1.2L, lights 3 x Broncolor Siros, Parabolix 40





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