Just before vacation

Jul 8, 2021

The beginning of July is a time of projects mixed with post-production! Before the main leave which was planned for August, we need to conclude all 12 assignments from June and 8 from July! Such congestion requires working evenings, nights, and, well, about any free time is spent for retouching! (well, in almost any free spot, the jiu-jitsu practice won’t do itself on its own!! But those are at 6.30 AM ;D)

As we enjoyed lots of sunny days in June we talked our clients into outdoor photoshoots. We like shooting in the open, despite getting a bit down a bit by the temperatures exceeding 30 C! The hardship was rewarded with spacious frames, juicy summer colors, and cool onstage lighting typical for this time of year. Below are a few examples, not only outdoor, from last productions.

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