New PwC exec board shoot

We had to carry out the group session for PwC during 2 separate shooting days, as the entire management team was unable to be "at once" in the...

Esri Photo Shoot

We've been working for Esri since 2017, developing portraits for management and managers at Warsaw office. Last project took place inside Esri...

Solar Farm

We ve been helping in developing photographic projects Rpower company since 2019. The main focus of the company is developing large solar farms...

Summer Hiking

Last part of vacations we decided to spend in the mountains. During almost two weeks time, we've made it to 5 peaks in Karapty mountains range in...

Summer projects

Last spring days and the beginning of the summer we've started a big 16 days headshot project for Polpharma Biologics, a big player in pharma...


Welcome to the fresh photos from business sessions produced in January 2022. Nine photoshoots at our clients' offices, and the results beneath....

Coloplast Ambassador

Just before Christmas, we were asked by a Danish medical company Coloplast to produce a corporate identity session with Magdalena Rumińska, the...

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